8: Void Famous Next

The next thing that might have clued an outsider to Void's growing success in the early days was that unknown people started asking him for money. 

"Excuse me, Void?"

Void turned away from his conversation, a cluster of clinking glasses and forced conversation at an S Class Android unveiling.  A man was about to tap him on the shoulder, and Void took a look at his t-shirt and suit jacket, inscrutable, and took a sip of his drink. The people behind Void, including his VP, became quiet.

"I think you're a smart man," continued the man. "My name is Harold Passwick, and I think you'll know a great proposal when you hear one. This is going to revolutionize the industry." 

Harold reached into his suit jacket and unfolded a piece of people, his hands shaking. "This is going to revolutionize the service industry. I'm working system program that shuttles appropriate low grade employees from post to post. We just need three million to get going."

The rest of Void's party shuffled, staring into their drinks as Imre Void stared at Harold. 

Void shook his head. "You're an engineer."

"Yes. How did you know?"

"You're wearing a free t-shirt under your jacket and you have an extraordinary lack of social skills."

"Thank you though," said Catherine, Void's VP, quickly, as she tried to shuttle the young man away. She looked around the showroom, relieved--no reporters nearby.