7: Void Roses

Imre Void was having an affair with his secretary. 

At least, that’s what Julian White thought.  

When he had first arrived at Void Inc., Julian thought the president  might bat for the other team — those crocodile shoes and perfect designer suits — but the more time he worked on his little top secret project, the more time he spent with Void and Naomi.  And then he saw their relationship was special, from the way Void hovered around her desk, always thanking, never scolding... 

Void wasn’t the warm sort. More wraithlike. But maybe Naomi liked that. 

They were the first in the office every day, their clothes always pressed, their schedules synced. Despite her fiery beauty, the redhead was the most robotic human being Julian had ever met. Which was fitting, he supposed, for an android company. 

On Valentine’s Day, Julian spotted a dozen roses on Naomi’s desk. 

Small talk didn’t yield any blushes or stutters. Naomi was too professional. 

“We met in Japan at the train station. I needed a new job.”

But there was that softness in the way Void handed her papers or broken android parts, his murmured thanks that he gave to no one else. 

When he saw Naomi unwrap a present at her desk — a handbag with stitched peonies — he considered giving an anonymous tip to the newspaper. But he didn’t. 

Where was the harm in Void’s little secret?