6: Void Burning

Imre Void did not know why he was so certain she remembered her past lives. 

 But he knew, somehow, that Nadia was his counterpart in his lonely immortal journey. In his memories the connection had been as tangible as electrocution. He would never forgive himself, the regret like a festering in his bones, for letting her walk out of Tokyo Station. He should have grabbed her and held her to the floor. 

 Moonlight reflected off the shards of glass and metal scattered across the floor of his office.  He tipped back in his chair, stretching his fingers towards the ceiling. Strong hands. He had never had such good hands before. 

 He should have grabbed her and pinned her down, demanded all her secrets. All her stories. 

 She had been happy. Why had she been happy then

 Void closed his eyes for a moment, allowing him to relax into his desk chair. A nearby clock glowed, reading 3:48AM. The most dedicated employees had left two hours ago. There was a comfort being alone in the massive tower, the absolute silence. Void had kicked his shoes off on top of his desk. 


 He peeled off his socks and dropped them in the trash. He could have Naomi buy another pair tomorrow. 

 As he settled back into his chair, he supposed the mundane thing would be to think that all the money, worldwide fame, and accolades hadn’t won him happiness. 

 Void smirked. 

 No, he was happy.

Void sat in his office until the sun come up, watching the light stain the clouds and burn away his lingering regret. The excitement swept across his skin, desire and thrill all at once. 

He could afford to chase her through all the stations now.


Outside his office, Naomi typed away at her computer.