5: Void Papers

The next thing that might have hinted at Imre Void’s growing fame was that people started trying  to stalk him. 

They tried to figure out where he lived, what he ate, and what he wore, with limited success. These type of people had a name. They were the paparazzi of the celebrity sites. 

Much bagawag in the real estate market last night as someone purchased the palatial Owl House on Quark Street, two blocks away from Void Inc. Older New Chicagoeans might remember Owl House’s renovations fifteen years ago when mogul Rupert Hemming installed sapphire windows and pure silver floor tiles throughout the mansion.  

    “The asking price for Owl House was already astronomical, but inside sources say that the mystery buyer paid twice the listed price for a quiet and speedy sale. Could it be that Imre Void has finally decided to move to New Chicago? Or has another reclusive nabob emerged on the scene? Lots of questions, but rest assured, this reporter will have her eyes peeled on Quark Street for the moving vans, and hopefully, the mysterious Mr. Void...
— The NC Gossip Rag
But while the awards played out exactly as expected, the cameras on site did not. When Imre Void, accompanied by a Ms. Asaran, went onstage to accept an award for his contributions to holographic technology in cinema, all that appeared on camera was a black hole where Void should have been. (The irony is not lost on this reporter.) How and why Imre Void cannot be filmed remains a mystery, as coverage ignored the awards show to speculate on Void’s strange on-camera disappearing act. 

    “Investigative reporters from The New Chicagoean have revealed that Void’s image has never been captured on film, moving or still, a remarkable feat given his popularity. Void has a magic device up his sleeve, but as scientists rush to uncover his secret, it’s probably only a matter before they unmask him for the masses...
— The New Chicagoean
... but in the ruckus caused by Nikon’s announcement, that the company would offer five million to whomever could photograph Imre Void, has distracted everyone from the important question:

    “What was the man wearing?

    “Without a photograph, we must rely on expert eyewitnesses. Duprey Brown has stated that Void was wearing a sleek Fellage New Miami suit, black, of course, and no tie of any sort. Brown says Void’s Prada shoes that flashed when he crossed the stage. While I’m am normally inclined to trust Brown’s judgement, I am unsure about this topic, as Brown has written an embarrassingly exhaustive essay on the evening that falls three words short of being a love letter to a certain android executive.

    “I then took it upon myself to visit the New Chicago Fellage store to see if Imre Void had been fitted for a suit recently and confirm Brown’s report. For those readers who have never entered a Fellage store, it is an experience. Every Fellage store has red walls, shopkeepers and fitters in red suits that miraculously manage to not look cheesy. I suppose if the devil actually wore a red suit, it would come from Fellage. One of the intimidating attendants stiffly told me that Imre Void had not come in for a fitting, but a Void Inc. secretary had brought in exact specifications for a men’s suit. So, that solves one mystery!
— The Daybreak