4: Void Famous

Earlier in his career, Imre Void mingled at events, and like most corporate presidents, unknown until introduced. Void knew his fame changed when he watched Susan B. Carlyle, a famous actress with wavy black hair approached him from across the room. 

“Are you Imre Void?” 

He sipped his drink and leaned agains the wall behind him. “Yes.” 

“You aren’t what I expected.” She appraised him, slowly. “I bought one of the S Class androids last week, and he’s been so useful on set. All my friends are getting them now.” 

She would have brushed his hand, if he hadn’t shifted. 

“I’m glad.”  

“Would you be willing to sign my android? It’s back at the Ritz.”   

Void gave an enigmatic smile, trailing his finger around the rim of his glass. 

“That’s a first,” he remarked softly. 

She tugged on his sleeve, towards the door. He shook his head. 

“But no.”