19: Void Aum Sphere 3

I wish, like an ache, that I met more people whom I could love.


I see the towers

of personality dwarfing galaxies of


for even when we

Lose ourselves

we are the mantles of planets


The top floor of Void Inc. was bedlam—Dominic and Constance struggled to keep up with Julian amidst the crush of androids, robots, and and running executives shouting orders. The lights began to flicker, and Dominic would swear he felt the floor shake.

Julian grabbed Catherine, the Vice President's arm. "Who the hell programmed all this?"

"Void. He's going in after him." 

The interns hurried after the pair into what would normally be a reserved and elegant entryway. Dominic could barely make out what they were saying over the noise.

"Can't keep this quiet... The mechaphysicists said we're going to shut down power for the whole city..."

"Who's going in?"

They threw open the doors to an office the size of a penthouse apartment, all filled to the brim with wires, generators, and glass spheres--more equipment than Dominic could  dream of. People clustered around a gigantic round plate of glass mounted on a smooth  metal base that formed a chair, working with the same chaotic precision as a flock of birds rearranging itself on a new tree. 

Constance stared back at her reflection in the mirror.

"That's the Interdimensional Window," said Dominic breathlessly. "Never in my wildest dreams..."

"I told you," Catherine told Julian, " that Void went in."

"No one came to help him?" hissed Julian.

Catherine's jaw clenched. "No one was willing to volunteer for a suicide mission to rescue a stupid boy." 

Constance saw the stress lines at the corner of Catherine's eyes. The Void Inc. empire of billions of dollars would fall if Void didn't come out alive, and every man in the room knew it. 

She stared at Catherine, bile in the back of her throat, and in that moment, Constance started to believe that Imre Void must be a terribly lonely person.

"I've got a signal," cried out one of the mechaphysicists from his impromptu workstation on the floor. Imagining googles bobbed up and down over his eyes.

"I'm pulling Void back!"

The lights flickered. The room plunged into darkness. 



That man was wrong

we are not dust or

flower blossoms

transient and fragile




I just keep coming back to the same sentence...


Constance fumbled for her phone to use it as a light, but it wouldn't turn on. Then the Interdimensional Window began to glow, emitting a whirring noise that started as a cry, then a moan, then the lights all over New Chicago went out. 

The Window began to scream. The chair shook, and as if dropped by its hair, a body fell into the seat. Constance took a step towards the machine in amazement. 

The lights flickered on, as if fighting for power, and something exploded against the ceiling. Someone fell into Constance, and she stumbled backwards, tripping over wires and falling into a capsule of some kind. 

The power grid collapsed, she heard a door hiss, and as she blinked the pinpricks of light from her eyes, she made out the form atop her in the dim lights inside the capsule where they found themselves.