18: Void Aum Sphere 2

It took me a long time to organize the memories so that I wouldn't go mad. 


ashes on my face

like so many nightmares

petty scares I

cannot wash away

with sunlight

or logic

"And that's the grand tour," said Julian, closing the door to one of the laboratories behind him. "We unfortunately just closed down several projects, so everything down that hall is in flux. I can get your clearances if we head back down a floor."

"We didn't get to see your office," remarked Constance.

Julian coughed into his hand. "Well, my office is on the top floor, next to Mr. Void's office. The Vice President's office is also located there. I didn't get clearance for you to visit."

A phone buzzed, and the interns each looked at the other as if they had committed a great sin by not turning off their phone on the first day --as if the phones would work in Void Inc. unless permitted, but they didn't know that--and Julian surprised them by whipping his from his pocket. 

"Hello? Yes?" Julian's face blanched. "Void did what?!"

Dominic and Constance glanced at each other as Julian gained color. 

"But it's been a week. I thought he was... Oh my God." A pause. "Yes, I'll be right down." 

Julian dropped his phone in his pocket and looked at the interns as if he had forgotten they were there. "Dammit."

"Sorry," said Dominic. 

Julian calculated for a moment, then: "Come with me. Run. Don't ask questions."