17: Void Aum Sphere 1

I can't keep a diary, but I've tried a couple times:

I knew a man who said
we were but souls scattered
splinters of light
rebounding and

till night rolls in


Dominic Singh walked into the first day of his internship with a grin on his face and a bounce in his step. He strode into the lobby, saying good morning to everyone. A programmer stared back at him bleary-eyed, as if he had never seen anything quite like Dominic before. 

"Good morning!" said Dominic.

"Good morning," croaked the programmer over his cup of coffee. Dominic slapped the man on the shoulder and strode towards the entrance gates on the other side of the lobby where he had been told he would meet the other intern and receive a tour. 

A young woman stood by the gates, carefully arranging the ruffles in her coral dress. Dominic couldn't see where her boots ended. He couldn't tell if she was looking at him, what color her eyes were, but he could could see the splendid gleam on her coral lips that matched her dress, and he instantly knew they could be friends.

He'd been through a lot. He needed a friend, even though the thought embarrassed him. 

"Good morning!"

A corner of her mouth twitched into a smile. "Are you Dominic? It's so nice to finally meet the other soldier in the encampment."

"Oh, I'm sure it's not going to be like that." He straightened his tie, the knot crocked, and Constance reached over and motherly re-tied it. "What are you working on for the internship?" she asked, cheerful. 

"Thank you. I'm building a machine that retrieves video from the android's brain and turns it into dreams that people can view via projector."

"That's brilliant. So imaginative."

"And you?"

"Just clothes," said Constance apologetically. "A fashion line and fancy dressing closet. I'm afraid I've always had a soft spot for Barbies."


Constance scratched her head and laughed. "Never mind." 

Constance's gaze swept over the lobby. A mixed cereal of flakes, marshmallows, and granola: grim, inspired, and strategic minds moving into work, tumbling through their mornings. 

"So why are you interning at Void Inc.?" Constance asked. 

"Imre Void is my hero. Robots and androids are the future of mankind, and I want to be responsible for creating the new human."

"The new human..."

Dominic spread his hands, his face flushed with excitement. 

"The ultimate android with human brain function. Immortality. The future with humans who never die. It's going to happen in our lifetime, and I want to be here when it does, because it's going to happen at Void Inc." Dominic noticed Constance's paleness, her sickly pallor. "Are you feeling okay?" 

"Forever?" repeated Constance. "Why would anyone want to live forever?"

"There's too much to experience in one lifetime. My family turned me out for that sort of talk, you know, but that's just old fashioned nonsense. Why, just this morning I saw a shop dedicated to just afternoon tea... What a concept! Would you like to go there for lunch today?"

Constance gaped for a moment, then recovered as she shifted through her purse. 

Julian opened the gate doors. "Good morning, you two."