15: Void Interns 5

Imre Void looked out the window, watching as the last of the internship circus packed up and went home. He walked over to his desk with a sigh, the bitter light winter cutting his shadow deep into the floor. Naomi opened the door and stepped into his office. 

“Julian sent up an intern project report. The first intern proposed an android dream program.”

Void glanced at Naomi. “Androids don’t dream.”

She paused, then nodded. “He proposed a dream generator program that draws on the image databank and then projection hardware so that owners can view the dreams.”

“Should I give androids dreams, Naomi?”

“I have no opinion, sir.” She stared at the floor as Void approached her. “The second proposal is a self-cleaning fashion line and a wider selection of android appearances. Does this meet your approval?”

Void nodded and returned to his desk. 

Beyond this, Imre Void never involved himself with interns. All it would have taken was a simple question, and Naomi would have told him the accepted candidates. 

Void attached a hard drive to a computer as Naomi slipped out of his office.