Void Inc.

“Unlike most people, Imre Void never forgot how much of a failure he was in his previous lives.

Imre Void had run the ticket gate between gate 9 and gate 10 in the Tokyo Train Station for fifteen years. Of course, then he was not called Imre Void; at that time he was Takagi Omura, vaguely aspiring comic book artist who was content to watch his life, as well as the lives of others rush by. That is until February 2, 2012.” 

A science fiction serial revolving around the android company Void Inc. and its founder, the enigmatic Imre Void. The posts are archived in blog format, so when you reach the bottom of the page, choose the leftward option to progress in the story.
Updates sporadically.

1: Void

2: Void Dreams

3: Void and White

4: Void Famous

5: Void Papers

6: Void Burning

7: Void Roses

8: Void Famous Next

9: Void Famous Final

10: Void Protest

11: Void Interns

12: Void Interns 2

13: Void Interns 3

14: Void Interns 4

15: Void Interns 5

16: Void Diaries

17: Void Aum Sphere 1

18: Void Aum Sphere 2

19: Void Aum Sphere 3

20: Void Aum Sphere Final