Food of Magicians

Agatha has no magic powers, but she can make a mean pizza. 

Fortunately, in Isidore, the culinary capital of her world, making great food is more important than being able to light stuff on fire with your mind—unless you’re looking for a great char on a steak. 

But before Agatha can run the pizzeria of her dreams, she has to work a minimum wage job as a delivery girl and win a volley of food competitions. When she unwittingly becomes the delivery girl for the most famous restaurant in Isidore, Agatha learns she’ll have to fight against the wizard mafia for what she believes in if she ever wants a restaurant of her own—and she will have to fight for her friends: 

  • Hadiya, the gun-totting chocolatier would rather watch the world burn than give up her hard-earned cash to the wizard mafia.

  • Bo, the culinary prodigy hidden away in her famous father’s kitchen as she works to hide his terminal illness from food critics and wizard debt collectors.

  • Lance, the teenage milkman who just wants his stolen cat back.

Together, they’ll face down the wizards and the most difficult, competitive food challenges ever devised for television or the underground contest circuit. And, they will have to stay true to themselves. 

Food of Magicians is a YA fantasy, similar to Howl’s Moving Castle but with foodies, complete at 100,000 words.