The Princess and the Fox Demon


A volcano god killed Asuka’s father. 

A plague god killed her fiancé. 

So Princess Asuka begs her former lover Chirikai—a shapeshiftng fox demon—to pose as her fiancé while she seeks vengeance. Chirikai agrees. But he remembers handing the princess his heart after the murder of his heartbroken mother, and he remembers risking his life to save her father. 

He remembers Asuka rejecting him, when he was on his knees. 

But he says yes anyway. 

Asuka’s quest of vengeance begins in the capital, a city of gold leaf and secretive shamans struggling to bend the gods to their will. They travel to the ghost-infested mountains to find her fiancé’s ghost, and they will have to elude bear-riding warriors and a god of illusion—Chirikai’s deadly father. A plague sweeps across the land, begun by a mysterious new deity. 

But as the danger mounts around them, Asuka and Chirikai realize that their obsession with revenge has turned into passion for each other. Asuka realizes that she must choose between family, honor, and the vengeance which will surely tear them apart, or a lifetime with the lonely fox demon who said yes. 

The Princess and the Fox Demon is a fantasy serial that can be read here. .