The Princess and the Fox Demon Serial

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The Princess and the Fox Demon was originally published as a serial on the now defunct The series explores the relationship of Chirikai, the titular shapeshifting fox demon, and the reluctant object of his affections, Asuka the princess, who spends her days working as a powerful shaman. When Chirikai's mother leaves his father for the human city, he goes on a journey to find her, colliding with the angry gods attacking the place that Asuka calls home. The Princess and the Fox Demon is a third person omniscient fantasy romance in the spirit of nineteenth century soap operas. It simply, unapologetically, is

The Stem Chapters contain the core story of the novel and are posted in order. Branch Chapters are additional tales that are not necessarily connected to the main storyline.  

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E.R. Warren, February 2018

Because some stories, you cannot let them die. 

The Chapters

The Stem Chapters
I. The Princess
II. The Umbrella
III. The Wildflowers
IV. The Princess Fights the Wildflower God
V. The Festival Proposal
VI. The Underwater Fight

VII. The Catfish
VIII. What's ten years?
IX. Skeletons in the Fog

X. The Mother
XI. Gathering Intelligence
XII. The Broken Turtle Shell

XIII. The Poems
XIV. They Built a Temple
XV. High Monk Sanjō
XVI. Making a New God

XVII. The Eavesdropper
XVIII. The Morning After
XIX. The Mare

XX. The Father
XXI. The Sun Goddess Possession
XXII. The Phantom Lilies
XXIII. The Naming 

The Branch Chapters
XXIV. The Scroll Challenge 
XXV. Funako Gets Ready
XXVI. Funako at the Party
XXVII. Funako Teaches Fujibashi
XXVIII. The Magic Lesson in the Paulownia Pavilion
XXIX. Funako's Victory