The Bridge Post for 2014

It's 3:54 and I'm sitting on my bed in my pajamas eating raspberries. All in all, it's not a  bad moment on a Sunday. Today has been a sort of Sunday in that I woke up, showered, and then dressed myself in new pajamas.

I also did the dishes in the kitchen and bought fruit and flowers at the farmer's market. I arranged the flowers and drank tea.

This is one of the better days I've had in a while, so I wanted to sit down and type out where I've been for the last month or so. As a couple friends have noticed, I've pretty much vanished from the Internet . I was hospitalized in December for an infection and all the complications that came along with it. Fortunately, I was discharged in time to go home for Christmas, but I've been in no state to write. That is one of the most frustrating things about being in the hospital or being bedridden sick, that you seem to have all this time, but you can use it like a day off.

I took my drugs and followed doctor's orders, and when I finished my round of medications, unfortunately, I ended up in the ER again. I've been discharged again, and I'm feeling a lot better. My doctors have told me that realistically I could end up in the ER again, or might have to get surgery later in the year if all else fails. But I might just recover, which would be great!

I managed to write a little on Friday, but I'm slow getting back on the treadmill.

Despite being someone who researches plagues, I actually do not have much experience with being sick. Before this December, I had never been sick enough to get a prescription, much less go to the hospital.

The day before calling the ambulance, I was actually planning the next scene in H+MC. In it, the hiwau goes to the Dead Capital to find his grandfather's library (P+FD's hiwau's library) so he can finally learn his family's shamanism. But going into the Dead Capital means he's going to—of course—run into the resident plague god, Mogasa, who's been trapped there since P+FD. The hiwau gets sick. Of course.

All of this was interrupted by the author getting sick. The irony isn't lost on me.

I'm in much better spirits. I'm taking it slow, and I'm hoping to update H+MC by the start of February. No updates on the agent-hunting front. I feel like I've written a leper book that no one will want to publish. Ha. It's ironic because there's lepers in it.

Freer and Sackler Galleries: Tea bowl with design of chrysanthemums 
I see lots of other awesome people doing massive end of year book posts. Samantha Chaffin over at Her Inklings and Christina at Fairy Skeletons. I love reading these, but I'd be dreadful at my own for the shameful reason that I simply do not read enough fiction. (I know, I know.) 

This year I had the pleasure to read a bunch of old but good books. I particularly enjoyed Michael Ende's Momo, a children's novel about a little girl with the gift of listening who rescues her town from a bunch of mysterious, time-gobbling bankers. 

I also discovered some lovely nonfiction, mostly relating to Japan. My favorite find was Haruo Shirane's Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons, where the author describes motifs, symbols, and and themes for each season throughout literature and culture. 

Now, my big throwback discovery of 2014 was the Heibonsha Survery of Japanese Art. This series of books has volumes on all the major categories of Japanese art. Each volume was written by one of top scholars and experts in Japan. (I love Wikipedia, but it's so nice to read something written by someone who really knows this stuff). You want to learn all about Japanese gardens? There's a volume. What about textiles, fabrics, and dress? There's a book. I've been collecting them. This series was published in the 80s, and now, they're cheap. Some of the volumes, like the one on gardens, are super cheap. 

I cannot recommend these books enough. They're filled with wonderful pictures and illustrations, and they're meant to introduce you to the topics in an accessible way that's becoming harder and harder to find. Treat yourself and learn something new! 

I'm not so much a YA junkie, but I am a Japan book junkie. Maybe this year I'll have a couple posts on nonfiction and fiction. But I'll mostly be enjoying reading other people's book blogs. 

I should try and write now... Happy New Year!