Writing on the clock and on video: #WatchMeWrite 2

Last year I went on a road trip through California and the southwest. We saw a lot of things, but one image that I've never forgotten was when we drove through Arizona. No cell phone signals, just a stretch of plain punctured by red mountains. The sky was so blue that I could not believe it. I just sat in the car, staring through the window in awe of the colors and how huge it all seemed. How little there was.

I love the idea of filming there, a battle sequence of some kind. This ended up merging with a fantasy idea sitting in the back of my head where warriors rode rhinos and tore through anyone in their path. But because I can't film anything, and I have no say in Hollywood, I decided to write the scene I imagined.

The moment to write all it down, however, did not come until yesterday. An update from Figment said that an author, Brandon Sanderson, was holding a contest where the grand prize winner got to talk with his editor. That's too good a prize to not write something, especially if it can't be over a thousand words.

I've done a lot of Figment contests, and a part of me is burnt out after almost three years of participating in the game and hoping for something to come of it. This is also a heart-based contest, so there's more of a time investment than just writing the story. Whether or not I'll swap and promote and fight the fight remains to be seen. But I at least wrote something.

The prompt was: what power would your super villain use to conquer the world?

On a whim I decided to film myself writing again from start to finish.

I had an hour between work assignments at home. This is what happened in that hour:

Once again, be sure to watch in full-screen HD. 

It's a fantasy tragedy exercise based on guns, germs, and steel. 

Read the final version below: