Writing in Progress Video #WatchMeWrite

So, you clearly have nothing better to do. Just like me.

Tonight I hunkered down and completed my outline for the neglected Fairy King serial that I hope to write for The Tea Cup Trail. As I opened my word processor, hoping to actually write and get to the text, it occurred to me that it might be fun to film the the "in-progress" entry, you know, like artists do.

Except writing is visually boring, so I added hip music. And I sped up the writing a bit.

The result is an example of my writing process when it goes relatively smoothly. Watch in full screen:

I'm a nerd. I'd actually like to see other writers writing.

The creative and tech-savvy Samantha Chaffin saw this video and launched her own, calling this sort of project #WatchMeWrite 
Writing is a lonely endeavor, and writers would love to see how you work. Made a short video and tag it. Share it on twitter or your blog!

If you swing this way...
1. I have a Mac and used Quicktime to do the screen capture.
2. Then I imported it into iMovie and sped it up. Both these steps are easy, compared to the writing.
3. Next, be sure to upload an HD video to Vimeo. The quality on Youtube is too low--people won't be able to read what you're writing.
4. Tag it so other people can find it.