Pitch Wars Rejections

Hey, so Pitch Wars didn't work out.

Which sucked a little because I got my hopes up like a goober. The winners were announced at midnight on September 3rd, and my name wasn't on the list. By the end of the day, I had gotten my rejection emails—my first four rejection emails—from the mentors I applied to. Super interesting how different each one was. At the end of the day, I'm glad I threw my hat in the ring. (What's the expression I want?)

This was the first email I received, and from one of the mentors I really didn't expect to hear anything from. Useful to know that my query was effective.

The third person comment is an old one that I've occasionally gotten from Internet, but when I hear it, it's usually in the context of a 'I prefer first person and this isn't that' message. This is the first time I've heard it used to critique the voice of the omniscient third person narration though.

P+FD cannot be a first person story, no matter how hot first person is in YA right now. But I can check the pacing when I edit—definitely don't want anything to be stilted. ("Voice" is too vague to be helpful).

And she didn't like the story. Shrug.

This actually came from a mentor I had written off as an application dud, as post-submission I discovered that she was looking for a different age group from YA. I didn't expect an email, and when I got this I was really surprised. It was also a good second email, coming a couple hours after the frown-inducing first rejection—what do I do with 'third person voice issues?'—and gave me a bit of much needed confidence in P+FD. 

It was also nice that she read the opening and had thoughts, which she remembered weeks later, even though she didn't have to. 


This was the dream-crusher, haha. This mentor requested the full P+FD manuscript. If she hadn't, I would have forgotten about Pitch Wars after submission like I usually do with writing stuff.

She was so nice about it all, and I wish her the best of luck with her mentees. (Unless she picked the person doing the ancient China novel, and if so, I'll have to go cry in my kitchen as I eat a bowl of brownie dough. ...Is it called "dough?")

Anyway, I'll buy The Wrath and the Dawn when it comes out. It sounds awesome.


I didn't expect a response from this mentor either, haha, given that she was also a post-submission dud. Either way, she was a sport about it.

So this makes the first four P+FD rejections. I'm going to be editing next month and working towards submitting to the slush piles for an agent. I might also do Pitch Madness, a Twitter agent contest on September 9th, but I'm not holding my breath for anything.

Happy September!