Pitch Wars Bio

Hi, Mentors and Friendly Competition:

My name is E.R. Warren, and I've entered Pitch Wars with my manuscript The Princess and the Fox Demon (or P+FD for short). P+FD is a YA fantasy in a world based off of Japan during the Nara Period (ca. 710-794), complete with all the gods, demons, and spirits you can shake a chopstick at. 

That's the opening. You can read a little more of it here

I wrote the first 75% of P+FD as a serial on Figment, gained a bunch of online readers, and last year, that P+FD partial was chosen as the favorite Figment story for 2013. It's not my first novel. Actually, it's my sixth novel, but it's the first one that gained me any notice or been, well, entertaining.

I scribbled out the serialized version of P+FD while working on my M.A. thesis in East Asian Languages and Cultures, specifically on Classical Japanese history. My thesis—which got me my degree but I never want to see again—was about the gods who people believed caused plague. While researching, I started wondering about what if these gods and spirits were real, if viruses were personified and struck back with a vengeance when not respected properly by humans...

I jokingly say that I write about the interpersonal issues of the supernatural. 

This summer I participated in a workshop translating ancient Japanese into Classical, then into English. We were basically reading the diary of a court gossip who loved precedent and pointing out the wardrobe mistakes of his companions

Now that I've finished school for good, I'm about to start work at a major Japanese newspaper. I'm starting in September, so I'm enjoying my last couple weeks of freedom. I am writing the sequel to P+FD, called The Hiwau and the Moon Consort, which you can read more about on this blog, as well the online serialized chapters here. (It does work as a standalone too!)

I am a bit of an open book when it comes to writing. So, here are some pros and cons to working with me:

・I'm a night owl. If you dislike receiving things at 2AM, I apologize in advance.
・I'm awkward on the phone. But I'm working on it! (And I love email.)
・I write past-tense, third person. That's it.
・I know you might want me to cut the sequence with Heimatsu and his dad in the ocean because it's not really needed, and I might agree to cut it all, but my soul will shrivel up.  (Don't worry, I'm too proud to cry in front of you.)

・I write everyday. I work hard.
・This is the job I want, and I'm not going to treat this like a hobby.
・My writing training comes from USC's screenwriting program. I dream big and cinematic.
・I know this old Asian stuff. Like Tolkien with northern European stuff. Except it's Asian.
・Except I am more obsessed with characters than world-building.
・Complete strangers with no obligation to read hundreds of pages of my writing do so. Like, 180 strangers. They do it for fun.
・P+FD is the first book in an awesome series. (I'm 11K into the second book).
・People say P+FD is like a sophisticated Inuyasha. That's a series that went on to make boggles of money. So, my writing should be marketable. Something that didn't occur to me until I finished it though...
・I'm a nice person.
・I do unspoken sexual tension really well. Especially in writing.
・If you say you need X in Y minutes/hours, I will make it happen. 
・I am from DC. I'm not above bribery, if that's what it takes. (However, you might want to keep in mind that I'm working in journalism, which means I can bribe you with very little.)
・Dave Barry described writing as a form of prostitution. I am on bullet #12, so obviously, I am okay with this.
・I work hard for no money. (I just realized this might conflict with the previous point).
・I picked my mentors because I read about their books, and I picked them based on their books. I said, yeah, I'd buy that. Because I know I have to respect the work of the person editing me, and I will trust you. I chose you. I will trust you.
・I picked you because out of the ether of the stories you tell, I saw something echoing in mine.

The chances are against me and P+FD. I think someone on Twitter said it's less than 6%. So, no hard feelings.

Okay. That's a lie. I want this really badly.

But no hard feelings. I wish all of you the best of luck choosing your mentees. Thank you for reading this ridiculous blog post.