H+MC in August

August has been a bizarre month. I finally finished moving and then flew out East. I haven't had as much time for writing as I would like, but I declared that I'd get back into normal routine starting today. Many of you might remember back in January when I started posting P+FD to Figment every day. I did a thousand words every day, which some snags, and wrapped up the whole novel by May.

I've made it my goal to have H+MC done by December. I know that if I write everyday, I should be done by the end of November, but stories always take a little longer than I expect. Thus the cushion.

Today's update of H+MC took us away from the funny moments of the banquet and picked up with the Moon God and the Comet in the wake of Retan Shitunpe's (the Illusion God's) little stunt with the Comet Spirit. In a few seconds, he made her desirable and powerful, and she's got to deal with the consequences.

We also see a new side of the Moon God:

And maybe it's a little scary.

This update was difficult to write, but so important. The Moon God and the Comet Spirit's story is about power. The power we give to others because of charisma, and then the realities of power in strength.

There's a twist coming, guys, and the clues are more prominent in this chapter.