Faerie King Serial, Featured Fig

Happy August!

It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks. I moved. I finished my (hopefully) last thesis draft. I attended a workshop on old Japanese diaries. I translated stuff.

At the end of July, Figment.com chose me as a featured Fig, a featured writer, which was unexpected but a fun honor nonetheless. I answered some questions, got my stories on the homepage for a couple days and picked up a couple new readers. No complaining!

Another long overdue announcement is that I've got another publication credit. I started a little serial on The Teacup Trail, a new online literary magazine. The first story, titled "Burnt Chocolate, Faerie King," was about Willow, a faerie who chose to become human to the displeasure of the faerie king, who loved her. It's short and fluffy. Sort of romantic, sort of comedic.

Anyway, I wrote the  story and then took to musing on Twitter about the Faerie King's thoughts on Twitter, which, of course, resulted in ridiculousness.

Which set off a couple tweets about... Well the Teacup Trail started using #davidbowiefaerieking and I'll just leave it at that. I mused about a sequel, the Trail encouraged a serial, and now here we are with entry #2: "Bad Willow, Bad Poetry."

Now that I re-read it almost a week later, if it were on Figment, there are some sentences I'd tweak, but... that's publication for you! It's done. But I figure I'll number the next entry. I'm picturing boxes of kittens. It's that flavor of ridiculous. 

It's good to have something light and fluffy to offset the occasionally heavy H+MC.