Happy July...

Wow, it's been a long time since I've written here! I was pretty surprised. But truth be told, I've been doing a lot more other life stuff than I have been writing. I found a new apartment, did job training for new job starting in September, and have been participating in an engrossing workshop in ancient Japanese. Not to mention thesis edits. Ack.

I'm looking forward to my August vacation when I'll just be able to write.

The only other news is that I now have a Twitter... Which I mostly just use to goof around.

But this week I published three new chapters for H+MC (The Hiwau and the Moon Consort), so that story is rolling along. The Moon God throws a big party, and the Comet Spirit encounters the Sun Goddess.

She also glimpses another character from P+FD, Retan Shitunpe in all his fox skull glory. I'm trying to strike a decent balance right now with keeping the focus on the Comet Spirit and the Moon God and not these older characters.  But it's really, really tempting. Because we know that the Sun Goddess and Chirikai's father had a big, messy past. And now they're at the same party.

Sketching one of the party scenes. 

Actually, this party belongs to the Comet Spirit, an outgoing character who actually doesn't say much.  She kicks back against authority in her mannerisms—no bowing, grinning—and her commanding the Moon God. Oh boy. I wrote that archery scene all in one go. Their dynamic is crazy.

Also, first H+MC ship spotted in the harbor: