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This week I submitted the first draft of my MA thesis to my committee. Here's to hoping they don't completely shoot it out of the air. It's seventy pages on the conception of the epidemic in premodern Japan. Or, more specifically, how people imagined epidemics during the late Heian Period and the epidemic gods they imagined were killing them.

I hadn't had a real night's sleep in over a week, before I crashed Tuesday night and slept for thirteen hours, stayed up for eight, then slept again.

The paper's on a sprawling topic and my thesis committee could have some harsh words on it. I think it'd make a better book than a long paper. It's also messy trying to make sense of people trying to make sense of something they didn't understand.

Gozu Tennō, who had the dubious honor of being a plague god (ekijin).

A vengeful priest who was accused of killing a prince with smallpox by giving him a cursed toy.

Anyway, while my committee is reading and decided what to rip to shreds, I am finally able to turn back to P+FD. I started to tear up this evening—no joke—over Chapter Thirty. I'm hoping to have it done by Friday. It's a complex chapter with lots of moving parts, and I want to nail it.

It's also tricky because I have to set so much up to pay off in the next chapter. It's strange to reach the penultimate chapter of a book. Tomorrow I'm going to write, bake, and then go to a jazz club with a friend in the evening. 

Might as well enjoy life before thesis doomsday news kicks in and I have to start re-working...