Ah, comments—Now with more GIFs!

So, I've started outlining my first full chapter for The Hiwau and the Moon Consort, and as I worked on that and my thesis, I got my first four comments! 

This was an interesting first entry for Figment. The Hiwau and the Moon Consort has big shoes to fill, since it's going after P+FD, which established an awful lot in the first five hundred words. Asuka finds Chirikai, it's established that there's enough sexual tension to cut with a knife, he confessed to her, she turned him down, and now she needs him and his shapeshifting abilities. That all happened on the first page. Egads. 

In The Hiwau and the Moon Consort, I knew I needed to be just as efficient, but I wanted to pull off different things. I wanted to hit upon two relationships—the Moon God's relationship with his sister, the Sun Goddess, who he feels insignificant beside, and for him to meet the Comet Sprit. I wanted her to hit the moon (literally) and we know, she's not like him. But by the time I wrote the last line, I knew exactly what I wanted as a response...

Or... for the reader to like them. To like him at least. It's a chapter about the Moon God and his feelings. And then the feelings he produces. I hit 800 words and some change, and I'm okay with that. It's undergone lots of little revisions since being posted. 

Comments are really the only way I know if I'm succeeding or not. 

Moon Clock meet Wild Comet. Aaannd... Go!

Oh Hon, he's cute. But he's going to have boatloads of issues... You can feel it coming. 

Oh boy.

I use Hannibal when I don't know what else.