That's what she said


But if I had more time on my hands, I'd casually flip through P+FD and find other ridiculous moments that could be suggestive. I'm sure they're there. Sometimes a character winks at them. Sometimes I don't even realize they're there.

He wasn't going to make horse jokes.

In other, non-suggestive, equally pointless news, I found the credits music for P+FD. And if you write novels, you're lying if you say you've never fantasized about film adaptations even a little bit.
There's a reason I wrote P+FD as a book instead of a script, so any film fantasies are mostly superficial.

Where I'd want the entire movie to be orchestrated because I love film scores, pop music is usually stuck on the credits. I like Coldplay's "True Love" from their latest album.

By the way, I think there's a possibility for a novella bridging The Princess and the Fox Demon and The Hiwau and the Moon Consort. Let's talk more about this once I have finished P+FDβ€”2 or 3 chapters left!

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