When disaster strikes (again)

Good times ahead, guys. 

P+FD's are going to be even more uneven than unusual! Get excited for it. I went to my working coffee shop yesterday and opened my computer to find the screen frozen. No problem, I thought. I restarted the little guy and then he promptly died. 

So I put him in my bag and hiked over to the neighborhood Apple store where I heard that the laptop was a little old -- I know -- and that he was beyond even my extended warranty --this I also knew-- and that repairs would involve losing the contents of my hard drive, if I decided to pay a figure I will not mention in the spirit of good taste. There's also a bit of cold calculation and experience--like cars, it never hurts to evaluate repair costs against getting a new machine. 

Anyway, I thanked the Apple guy and walked out of the store. I bought a hot dog and ate it beside a fountain. I tried, and failed, to not reflect on the two weeks of thesis writing and research I had lost, as well as my two latest film pilots. 

I'm a loyal Apple user, and I know that I take their machines all over the world, put miles of work on them, and after three laptops, I know that after four years I'll probably have to get a new machine. That how computers run with me. But whenever the time comes and a laptop dies, I always feel glum. You know, Pixar sadness for inanimate objects and all the times you shared. 

Fortunately, the evening before I had uploaded the two most recent P+FD chapters to Figment. You're welcome! I am also grateful I didn't wait because otherwise I would have to rewrite them from scratch. Half the time I write on paper and copy to computer. That had not happened this past week. I would have been angrily trying to replicate the adventures of Mogasa and Retan Shitunpe, which would have been awful. 

Lessons learned. Back-up as often as you can. Also, write on paper. Seriously. (Many of my best thesis notes of the last week were on paper, thank God.) Moleskins don't die unexpectedly. 

Also, my iPad and I are going to become very good friends for the final weeks of the semester. I'm writing this from it, and trying to get used to the app... Which is why there're no gifs. 

The only loss readers might care about--and not right now in the narrative--concerns P+FD's sequel. (Can there be a sequel? That is a good question! Let's talk in a few weeks) I lost all my outlines. Mabel is backed up to perfection, no problems there. 

Updates will be sporadic because I'll be writing on paper and copying to my iPad, probably. In the next week or so, however, we'll reach the last arc of P+FD and I'll not be posting to Figment, but sharing with a small group of readers. 

I was really looking forward to April being kind to me!