The road to the final saga

or something. I'm very conscious of the fact that I'm staring at the final stretch of the book. I just updated.

Let's note where we are:
• Chirikai is running after Asuka.
• Asuka has discovered some crazy healing abilities, albeit with limitations. (She can't regrow limbs, for example)
• Asuka is about to enter the capital of Gekkōguni in order to talk with Kouji's mother. (If you have an awesome memory, you'll remember daddy is dead.)

• Chirikai's father left Mogasa because he had "business" to take care of.
• Mogasa is spreading epidemic love in the capital of Gekkōguni in his quest for God Respect.
• The hiwau is alive. Chieftain Goro also noted how much our resident home-wrecker/Sun Goddess favors the hiwau... enough to give him his own chunk of the island/continent.
• Funako and Mom are still in the capital thinking their daughter has married Kouji.
• Kouji has gone from "dead" to "very dead."
• Hiwau doesn't know.
• Hannibal has not been picked up for a third season yet and this makes me very angry.
• Asuka passed Minister Warase's house and we all know that Chirikai's going to have to pass his "stepfather" in order to reach Asuka.
• Asuka placed the suitō on a boulder so he'd know where to find her. (Which is actually a little dumb now that I think about it because Chirikai should know that she's going to Gekkōguni's capital, but maybe I can justify this by noting —forefinger raised— that Chirikai has been a bit of an idiot recently. Yeah, lame, I know.)

But the most exciting thing to note, is that we have finished the Second Saga. Which means we're at the last one.

Figment has kindly informed me that P+FD has reached 74,277 words. Which, I confess, is longer than I planned. (This always happens and I'm sure I've written this in another post, but I'm too lazy to look for it.)

In my original plans —think: daydreams— P+FD was an 80-90K novel. I can say with certainty that this book isn't going to be wrapped up in 6K. We'll definitely be hitting the 90K mark, but I don't want to go beyond that because it will be difficult to sell as a first novel.

Today's chapter was a bit of a breathing moment. Asuka got to enjoy the plays of the Bear Tribe before setting off for Gekkōguni with Higeko. I actually liked this chapter, even though the writing is clunky and very little happens. I am glad that I used the opportunity to discuss the Sun Goddess because she's one of the characters who has had scenes cut so that I make my word count. I've now sketched two scenes between her and Retan Shitunpe that won't make it into P+FD. At that same time, it's important to touch upon her connection to the hiwau.

Next chapter we'll bounce back to Chirikai. I'll be writing and posting the update tomorrow because I know I'll be able to write it in one day easily. I've been looking forward to this particular moment for weeks.

We're four chapters away from the Figment cut-off.

Also brainstorming a new idea for a tv pilot, which is what I like to write instead of short stories now.