It's 3:40AM and I should be doing other things like sleeping

Sorry not sorry.

I completely broke my plans to jump back to Asuka, instead writing a chapter continuing with Mogasa and Chirikai's father. It's such a pretty, talky chapter. It's also about people waiting. Sounds boring, right? Sounds like something a screenwriting professor would demand you cut, right?

I don't care. That might be because I'm having trouble stringing words together because it's 3:40something and I should be sleeping. But I also don't care because I've kind of gotten to say everything I wanted to say β€” or at least make Mogasa and Chirikai's dad say β€” about the plague god and fox demon dad.

Aw, amnesia. That'll help if you ever feel badly about all the people you're killing. (I tease but it comes from love.)

So, at least everything I wanted them to say at this moment. 

..................... SO DID YOUR SON. 
I should go to bed.