Fatherhood Notes

Shonen Jump interview with Masashi Kishimoto.

I could write a lot here, but I'm too tired. 

Obviously I am not a dad. I cannot even begin to fathom an approximation of fatherhood, but if I can imagine even 1% of reality that sticks to Chirikai's dad and Mogasa, then I will consider it a success. 

The first saga was directly inspired by reading about people's poor relationships with their fathers. This intersected with the frequent deaths of female fox demons in mythology, then suicide, then Chirikai's hatred of his father. The final saga digs into this a little deeper because Asuka and Chirikai have issues here to be untangled, even though they seem distant now. 

There are also lots of little, fun articles like this one on professional drivers. I don't even like Nascar and I found this cute. 

And then there are ones by people with doctorates... 
From "Fatherhood: How Fatherhood Changes Men."