Spoiler Alert? News from the cannons

You aren't up to date on P+FD? Go away. 

Okay. So the awesome thing about making it to the final third of a book is you get to start paying off all your plants. It has BEGUN.

Who called it?


It's not even a love triangle. Just a love jumble. Heh. That sounds an awful name for a dating app.

It's a quadrilateral. Or something. Well, Kouji's dead now, so maybe it's just complicated. 

I actually sketched a couple scenes between the Hiwau and Kouji weeks and weeks ago, but there's no place for them in the book. I don't want to spoil the next update. 

The scene between Chirikai-Kouji and the Hiwau could've been read two ways. The easy route that most readers probably stumbled down suggested that the hiwau loved Asuka. The other route: gaze scorching moment implies something about how the hiwau views Kouji. Err.

I actually think it's sort'a warped sweet in that that Chirikai hasn't said anything to Asuka about this. But whatever. 
Chirikai has been around the block, so to speak. He's a slut. I say it with a heart full of love. But he knows what being undressed by someone's eyes feels like. He knows what the hiwau thinks about his best friend. 

Then a lot of questions start to emerge.