Oh man. Existential Crisis (Now with More GIFS!)

I'm alive. I promise I'm alive.

I logged onto Figment today to see that I hadn't updated P+FD in eleven days β€” with a feeling akin to when you're about to look at a grade online and you don't like what you're going to find. (Plus, apparently not updating web content in a week is like death.)

I've spent the last week and some change agonizing about the future and writing screenplays. I've written half of two t.v. pilots. I procrastinated on my thesis by doing more research. I need to stop researching and actually write it.

But. P+FD:

Logical thing. 

Why couldn't I write and publish a book as an undergrad? God, I wasted so much time. Then I wouldn't be having such a stupid twenty-something crisis. Shit like this either shuts me down or sends me into overdrive, and at the moment, it seems to be shutting me down.

I just want to write novels. For money. So I can eat.

Why couldn't I passionate about accounting or real estate like a normal person?

Or... you know... want to become a college professor like my degrees tell me?

Or I could do something that pays... And allows me to eat...

Man, I love that movie. 
Disney movies always tell you to follow your dreams. I think that comes up a lot because cartoon artists followed their dreams.

But looking at the back end of college is a little crazy.