The Roadtrip from Hell

I wanted to title this latest chapter "The Roadtrip from Hell." I mean, there's lot of reasons I can't call it that; firstly, there are no roads involved. Secondly, there's also the whole "Hell" issue. Does Hell exist in Asuka and Chirikai's universe? Thirdly, "roadtrip" implies a car, which there are none. 

These sorts of deep issues prevent me from naming the chapters in my fantasy novel as I like. Basically, Chirikai and Asuka's current adventure is an exploration of their tense relationship made even tenser by being stuck in the wilderness because neither of them like camping. 


Asuka: 1, Chirikai: 1. They're keeping score. They hate each other right now. 

... to deal with his emotional bullshit. 
Sometimes I find it funny how emotionally constipated they both are. I mean, they're both strong and absurd alphas who jog around their problems with their fingers in their ears.

Meanwhile, my brain is building "The Deleted Scene Adventures of Chirikai's Dad" because it doesn't do what I tell it to do. I'm sensing an odd symmetry here...