P+FD Publication Hopes

I use this blog to procrastinate.

I also use it to occasionally talk about important things (when I'm not discussing buffalos, Hiddleston, and penis worship). Today I'd like to announce how I'll be moving forward with P+FD concerning Figment and publication.

I've gotten some questions on and off Figment about publication, and during my brief vacation I made a few decisions.

I want to publish P+FD. I've gotten some inspiring support with this story, and I think that it could occupy a place at the YA shelf if given a chance. But in order for that to happen, I will probably have to do a few things that might make me less popular as a human being.

In short, I will not be posting the entire manuscript on Figment. I will be posting up to the end of the second saga, and then I'll continue writing. I'll entertain requests for beta/comment readers —no more than five— at the end of the second saga who will be able to read the third saga. But I will not be posting it online.

While I'm comfortable posting excerpts online, I'm not willing to fight the uphill battle of breaking into publishing with a manuscript that has been posted in its entirety online. I've read about the horror story response from agents and publishers — if you've given your audience the whole thing for free, why would they buy it, and why should we publish it?

At the same time, I feel some guilt with this decision because many of my Figment readers have been with me from the beginning, and by taking the publication route, I'm delaying the climax of the book for an indefinite amount of time. It might get ugly.

It might take years for publication to happen.

Let's not think about that.

But I think they —you guys— support the decision to pursue publication.

That much said, we're a long ways off from no new chapters on Figment. So we're all going to chill out for a while.