News from the P+FD Harbor

Oh, in other news, it's official. I've been informed that another ship exists in the harbor:

For those of you who do not stay abreast of the genius on this blog — shame on you — this post is the sequel to my thoughts on "shipping" in general and the P+FD universe.

Basically: a reader stated that they shipped Chirikai and Asuka. Shipping is fandom business. I'm the author, I'm canon. I'm the cannon on the shore overlooking the harbor. I don't participate in the shipping business, but that doesn't mean I can't laugh and catalogue it from the shore.

At first I wondered if there was, seriously, any other ships in the harbor besides Chirikai-Asuka. I mean, the first page of the book is Chirikai loading on the innuendo. How do you want me, baby?

And it has come to my attention that yet another ship exists in the harbor. So, instead of writing new chapters, I am here to chronicle this development. The development of "Chirikyo."

I'm Red. Ms. Green's identity will remain anonymous. When I told her that I had written a hot springs chapter, she automatically assumed, naturally, that Hankyō and Chirikai were the ones going to the hot spring. Naturally. 

Skype: the application of productivity 

Can't quit.
Chirikyo was described as a "kinky black pirate ship."


For those of you who don't know who Hankyō is — shame on you — she's the crazy miso-making woman that Chirikai and Asuka stay with in the mountains. We said a lot about about Hankyō (and a bunch of other characters).

And because, of course, Chirikai's dad. 

And yet, you're still here reading this nonsense.

Which means that there are two ships in the harbor: Chirikai-Asuka and Chirikyo. 

What am I doing with my life.