Fox Pictures

So, today as I was posting the latest chapter of P+FD, I realized that I've been talking about events that haven't really been posted. I apologize for that. 

Today I updated with a chapter that's basically a conversation between the hiwau and Chirikai-Kouji. I called the chapter "The Subtext," and snorted because almost every chapter in P+FD could be called that. In fact, that could be the novel's tagline: The Princess and the Fox Demon: An Overlong Tale of  Subtext.

And then I remembered what Robert Downy Jr. said about subtext, and I snorted again because it sort of fits with today's chapter. Please don't google that if you don't get it. Seriously. It might be a spoiler. 

Now I'll present some pictures of foxes taken by other people on the Internet: 

As fox demons age, they gradually turn white. Chirikai's dad is pretty freaking old. 

I imagine Chirikai's mother being much younger than her husband, maybe more like this kitakitsune. Whatever the English name for that is...
Hey, Chirikai. 

North American red fox. I imagine different breeds throughout the islands and they can tell each other apart. 
Chirikai has no siblings, in case you were wondering. Man, look at that mama fox's face. She is so done. She's like, 'I'm never having babies again. This sucks.' 
And on that note, I'll get back to writing...