Cannons and Ships

I'm not updating P+FD this weekend because I'll be way too busy. So I posted three chapters I've already written, all about Asuka and Chirikai traveling to the fox demon fortress. Once they get there, Asuka meets Chirikai's dad, which I've already rambled about

A fox skull.
Then Asuka and Chirikai basically run for it.

The real thing of note is that today, for the first time, someone used the phrase "ship" in reference to something I've written. 

Shipping is fandom business—oh, man, I have a shipping fan. I'm grinning despite myself.
First, I laughed. Then I wondered if there were any other ships in the harbor. 

Then I turned to my roommate and said that shipping isn't my business. Everything in my head is canon. I've got the cannon that levels ships.  

Anyway, there cannot be that many P+FD ships.