Absurdity Continues

Actually, it's not that absurd. I hope I didn't get your hopes up.

This has been an awful week. I'm sore, sick, and exhausted, and I'm struggling to write alongside my other work. This morning I had to take a test on the other side of Los Angeles and managed to spend almost two hours on public transport going one-way. I took five buses, the light rail the wrong way... I was late to the test. I had to run several city blocks, my flip-flops in my hands and my hair wild. I didn't even think they'd let me take it. Or reschedule.

It was easily one of those hellish test-taking scenarios. You know, the sort that work its way into your nightmares. I was actually late to a final once, an Advanced Japanese final, where I managed to sleep through the opening of the test. I don't know how it happened. All I remember is hyperventilating my way across campus in a medal-winning sprint. I passed the class somehow. It's all a blur.

I have a serious problem. And like many writers, I grapple with such problems in fiction under the guise of magic people.

From "The Madness of Crown Prince Sazaki"

I get lost whenever something important happens. I lose the ability to read maps, I take all the wrong trains and buses, and I run around like a crazy person as my mind decides to unearth all the things that are lacking in my life. It's sort of funny. It's sort of not.

But when I laugh about this stuff, like tonight when I've taken my test and gotten home in one piece, it's in that mood that I make up characters like Uoren. There's no Japanese god of getting lost that I know of. But I wanted one, so I made one up. And because I can do whatever I want, I named him after me.

Talk about a writer's God Complex.

I actually opened this blog post intending to talk about how I've started to vaguely fantasize about a movie version of P+FD, and then I realized that Chirikai would have to be played by at least five people. Imagine the credits. "Demon Chirikai," "Shiho Chirikai," "Princess Chirikai..." Who is Chirikai? Who would accept the Academy Award for best actor? It'd be hilarious.

Okay, maybe that's just me.

In other news, USC is hosting a lecture on penis worship in Shintoism! Jokes aside, this is serious stuff and I'm totally going because scholarship. Actually though, I know nothing about phallicism in Japanese religions and if a fertility deity works their way into P+FD, you'll know where the knowledge originated. You're welcome.