Writing in the Snow

It's snowing!

I'm working on The Princess and the Fox Demon. Since late December, I've been forcing myself to sit down for a bit every day and write.

Everyone writes differently. When I get stuck, I often break out different documents and approach the scenes in pieces. Lots of little pieces.

Then I take the breaking down even further and don't even force myself to write complete sentences.

Asuka and Chirikai go on their first "date." 

I call this process sketching. Usually I'm working around clumps of dialogue that I've scribbled down in a general "blurbs" document when inspired. Halfway through a novel, my blurb documents can be up to thirty-five pages long!

At the moment, The Princess and the Fox Demon's is only two pages.

I write with sketches whenever description is important, or when I'm care with words. Ultra efficient. Whenever I've done a flash fiction, or anything with a strict word count, this is my starting point. I also have a general idea of how long a sketched scene will be when it's fleshed out in proper English.

(If I don't sketch, I go full natural, colors-of-the-wind, with it and then la-la, something that was going to be about 400 words becomes 1600. Inspiration. I'm an artist. Where's my cookie?)

Frequently I'll start a sketch and then ease into writing complete sentences, like you can see happening at the bottom of the right-hand document.

The snow is beautiful. It's actually sticking, and the cats have tried to escape outside to play in it. I'm drinking a delicious green tea.

I'm having a good evening.