The Words Aren't Coming Today

I'm trying to write and the words aren't coming. So here I am, updating my blog in the hopes that moving my fingers will send a reminder spark to my brain that I'm supposed to be creating today.

I don't do New Year's Resolutions. But I decided towards the end of December that I really ought to be writing 1K a day so that I finish more projects. It's only January 13th, but I've stuck to it for the most part. There have been a few days where I only wrote 600 words, and one bad day when I wrote none, but I made it up by the next day. Gah.

Yesterday I sat in a Starbucks and wrote almost 3K. Go me. All of the writing centered around Asuka and Chirikai attending a party. The day before that I wrote about a volcano god and a chaos deity.

I've benefitted from an epic storyline โ€” which has lots of moving parts and thus lots of words โ€” and an outline that I wish I had for every project.

I've been writing almost entirely to Howard Shore's The Desolation of Smaug tracks, usually one for every Figment chapter (three pages).

When I first saw the film, I didn't fully appreciate this soundtrack, but on the second and third viewing, I paid more attention to the music. It's more sophisticated than An Unexpected Journeyโ€”lacking a bombastic brass theme like that The Lord of the Rings made famous, but between the multifaceted "The Forest River" and quieter romantic themes like "Feast of Starlight," there's so much going on. "Beyong the Forest," where have you been my whole life? I've just begun to explore the Smaug-oriented tracks.

I'll probably get around to buying the whole thing, but at the moment I'm cheap and just buying what I need per chapter.

I've also been building a reference playlist for The Princess and the Fox Demon. Usually I listened to one or two songs on loop as I write a scene. So I check the necessary compositions from this list and get to writing. Lots of Howard Shore and Kaoru Wada (if you're wondering what the Japanese stuff is).

If I stay on schedule, I'll have The Princess and the Fox Demon done by early March. I figure it will be 80-90K as long as nothing crazy happens with the storyline. 

Should get back to work...

Why is this Starbucks so cold?