Science Poems, Research, and Death!

Today has been one of those weird days when your writing feelings are all over the place.

First, I feel that's my duty to inform the writing community that there is a website dedicated to scientific poems, with examples such as:

It went on. 

How did I find this place? I was writing a big battle scene with a volcano god in it, and it was one of those cases where I felt like I was running out of volcano-related words and phrases. So I googled "volcano poem" to see if there had been any classic poetry relating to volcanos. 

No such luck. But I found this website, which seems to be a teacher's project. Good for her, making learning more fun. I had fun! If you don't smile at "Cools to make / A place like Java," you have no soul. 

No,  Shinto volcano GOD. Shinto volcano roll? What is that?  
Anyway, so that research didn't pan out. Neither did some more academic research concerning Japanese volcano gods...

See William Aston, Shinto: the Way of the Gods (1905)
Which meant that I gave myself free reign to make up whatever I liked about volcano gods. The world of The Princess and the Fox Demon (P+FD) is not Japan, but it is inspired by Japanese history and literature. I'm not Tolkein, but like his world being inspired by his research, Tenjima is inspired by mine. 

Finally I had to sit down and write a grim battle scene. Characters might have died. It made me really depressed. 

Now I can't sleep.