Verdict on Mabel Edits

Well, last night I got my first feedback on my revisions of the first three Mabel chapters. The chapters work. I'm moving forward with that style and story structure.

I wanted to get a sort of go-ahead before I started Chapter Four.

I'll be getting more comprehensive feedback on the opening three chapters in the coming weeks, but I'm happy because I get to keep moving. It's also awesome hearing that your ideas are working and your writing is readable!

I'm so happy.

I wish I didn't have to do anything else for days β€” meaning weeks β€” and just keep editing. That would be AMAZING. My looming Master's deadlines are stressing me out.

I have already remarked on my poor editing and revising pacing. In my defense, I receive no money for this work we call fictional writing. 

But my editing method has improved slightly from my earlier strategies, such as Abandon Ship and Burning in the Fireplace.

For Mabel, I wrote a first draft with a basic understanding of the characters and the world, sort of figuring out the details as I wrote. By the end of the draft, I knew the story and background even if it hadn't made it into the draft.

From there I created a basic timeline for the next two books. A list of scenes I want to write/ have written.

(The whole completed timeline is now up on my wall.)

Then I back up and summarized all the chapters of Mabel's City (the first two books). I pencilled in the new scenes for the revision and moved scenes in the chapters. Basically, one of the most important steps I made for the revision was breaking down each chapter into scenes. Which scenes did I need? Should I actually write Eleanor's audition and introduce Salieri earlier? Or is he fine where he is?

Salieri was fine. Winky face. But the point is, I asked those sorts of questions. I cut stuff. Wrote more stuff. The first chapter got an overhaul.

The opening is different:

And Montiere enters the stage earlier:

Lots of new stuff. Lots of writing. Unfortunately this means I'm one of those early Nanowrimo quitters. Poor Princess and Fox Demon. There's no way I can complete my thesis, pass my coursework, and edit Mabel by the end of the year all on top of a Nanowrimo...

I'd best get back to work...

P.S. At this point in the blog, I have to apologize because all chapters numbers prior to this revision will be different from their content. I'll have to post on this at some point...