November and Nanowrimo

What's the verdict on Mabel? Be quiet and leave me alone β€” we don't know yet.

In other news, I've decided to do a 1/2 Nano for National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) mostly because I want to, and it seems a semi-legitimate way to procrastinate on the other work in my life. I have done a 1/2 Nano in the past, which is an unimpressive 25,000 words in one month. Back in 2011, I took the month of November to write a chunk of Mabel's City.

This November I am writing the opening of my imaginary fling, The Princess and the Fox Demon. The opening for this novel was written for James Patterson's grand Figment contest earlier in the year. Originally supposed to be a few hundred words, the response to it was so positive that I thought about telling the whole story behind the scene.

The Princess and the Fox Demon takes place in a fantasy world inspired by the Japanese islands from 630-750. The main character, Princess Asuka, is ready to formally marry the love of her life, Kouji, when he takes a break to go pray in the mountains and never comes back.

When Asuka goes to find him herself, she finds him dying from a mysterious disease. She knows that if she returns to the capitol and tells the nobility of Kouji's death, she will marry have to marry Kouji's repulsive uncle instead. So, in order to keep her independence and buy time for vengeance against the demon that killed her lover, she makes a deal with a fox demon named Chirikai.

Chirikai and Asuka have history. This history is the core of the novel. Before Kouji entered her life, Chirikai was infatuated with Asuka after she was kind to him during a dark time, and later he performed a variety of kind acts to work his way into her life. When those didn't work, he started dangerous acts to impress her and win her affections β€” the sort of things that would impress another demon.  But Asuka rejects him.

When Asuka approaches him years later with her plan, Chirikai agrees to pose as Kouji and help Asuka seek vengeance. I believe in vengeance. This book isn't about those complications. This story is about what proximity and rejection can do to a relationship.

There's also a war between deities and disease demons. It's fantasy. I can't help myself.