Crazy World


There's this funny place where your imagination meets paper. This is called the writing process. Then there's this other funny place where the writing meets consumption. This is called editing with the intent for publication.

I would like to get some money for Mabel, maybe a coffee mug and a sandwich, so the other day I googled publishing lengths out of mild curiosity where I stood in the grand scheme of published Young Adult.

Mabel's City is currently 160K.

Turns out 80K is a good number for a first time writer.

I discovered this, like I do many unfortunate things, at 3AM. And like many unfortunate things, this kept me awake for several more hours as my brain burnt itself out trying to figure out what I was going to do.

The first step answer was obvious: cut it in half. Second step problem: can't cut in the middle, there's no  cliffhanger, no real resolution... I wrote the whole thing as a damn book, and the document is like 300 pages and some change, so why do I have to conform to... Insert whatever frustrated moronic nonsense an over-privileged artist is going to think at the first threat to the grand vision. Jesus.

So, I fall asleep, wake up a few hours later, and my brain is fit to work again.

I've spent the last two weeks in real world in more ways than one. I have a Master's thesis to write in one year, along with the coursework, and a book to finish editing and publishing. I've been reading tons of nonfiction. Research in Japanese. When I've come up for air, it's been to watch The Hollow Crown or outline the Mabel's City series.

Actually, before I made the word count discovery, I had outlined the events of the next two books to help me with editing and planting stuff in Mabel's City. 

Then I sat down and outlined Mabel's City in a coffee shop, and wracked my imagination over how I could make the first half of the story stand on its own and make someone want to buy the next volume.

Well, I'm here and not in a sour mood, so I daresay I solved the problem. Now I'm thinking of Mabel's City in Part I and Part II. There's a lot more Montiere in this second draft. More Lawrence. The big theme is "seduction."

(It's also a little cool to have been thinking that you've written one book when you've really done two.)