End of Summer

Report from the trenches:

The long, ugly editing slog continues.

Actually, in the grand scheme of editing, I am sorry--and guiltily pleased--that I have not yet entered the ugliest phase of editing: that word by word analysis, sentence trimming, tightening, paragraph-crunching trudge that makes my heart constrict just at the thought.

Instead I am procrastinating by writing a new storyline into the novel: Lawrence's storyline. Earlier in the summer I reported that I had started writing a little opening involving Iji, Duncan, and Lawrence's arrival. That has expended to cover Lawrence's fortune-telling education and studies with the Divinists.

It's not terribly long, but I'm being extra careful in the writing so I won't have to edit these new bits too much. "Preventative." That's the word of the day.

As I enter the final days of Lawrence's time with the Divinists, I am already re-planning the first chapter of Mabel's City and how this new material is going to lie alongside Mabel's introduction to college life. But I think the contrast between Lawrence and Mabels' educations will be pretty cool to read. I'm also thinking about tugging in Salieri somehow.... But don't hold your breath--I love his current intro.

I'm still hard wired into writing mode. Mabel's City has sucked a lot of my attention, which means I haven't updated anything on Figment in ages, but I have been scribbling scenes and plans for Void Inc. Talk about a story I'm writing purely for my own amusement. Writing Void feels like the writing equivalent of eating truffles; it's wonderful and satisfying, but I know nothing will come from the time spent in it. It's so dark and different... And when I wire it, I'm just scribbling what I want to.

I think my brain is like a standard stovetop. I have four different burners of varying sizes. Four is the maximum number of creative projects I can actively handle without having to take one off. And even then they're cooking at different heats. If Mabel has the biggest burner at the moment, there's a tie for second place between Void Inc and The Madness of Crown Prince Sazaki, which has been begging for attention lately. Talk about strange, unpublishable projects. I'll write about Sazaki in another post.