Long Time No Mabel

So, here we are in late April, and I'm finally easing back into Mabel's world.

As you all know, I finished the first draft back in January, and after a month or two of trying to start editing, and then more weeks of procrastinating and being swallowed up by everything else, I'm sticking my feet back in water.

I think the main problem with me and editing is that, I never love my own writing. I love concepts and characters, and there's this fierce high that occurs when they're down on the page for the first time, but honestly, the words themselves give me ulcers.

So, editing is awful. There was a good month of glancing at the printed draft and thinking that there was no point, nothing worth salvaging, and I'd best be onto another project now that I'm wiser and a better writer.

This past weekend the Festival of Books came to Los Angeles. Slews of writer's panels talked about everything from politics, to religion, to YA, and the highlight of the festival (besides all the book tents) was the Orson Scott Card panel I managed to slip into. He said a lot of smart stuff. He talked about the rights for the Ender's Game movie, his writing process, and that he wrote his endings in iambic pentameter, which blew my mind. But the thing that stuck with me was when he said that a finished project is just a corpse, and you'd best get it out of the house as quickly as possible. I pictured the draft of Mabel on my desk, mostly untouched, rotting like roadkill.

It was in this frame of mind that on 3AM I made an eBook file of the entire draft and uploaded it onto my iPad. I've been reading through it. The early chapters are like a time capsule for my writing, and my love of narration, which has been trickling away, is on full display. There's lots of people talking but doing little else... There's spots to edit, but the story isn't that bad.

A friend told me that Mabel's beginning was too slow, and if I just introduced Salieri a little earlier and jumped into the action, it'd be fine with some cleaning up.

So I'm planning to finish this general read over and then I'll try and comb out the knots...