March and Void Inc.

I'm an awful editor.

I should be working on editing Mabel's City for agent-hunting, publication, etc. but I've gotten swept up in the short-term gratification that is writing short fiction. The internet is wonderful for short fiction, and readers are quick to read, and love, and then tell you they like it before vanishing back into cyberspace.

And I've discovered the best of both worlds: how to write short fiction and a novel at the same time. A friend and I launched The Void Inc. Project, which is a series of short stories that revolve around a man named Imre Void.

Void can remember all his past lives, and through a mixture of mediocrity and luck, he's never succeeded in that glorious way most people crave. Fantasize about. He's a repetitive failure, and after one bad lifetime he decides that he's going to change the world.

It's awesome writing a story revolving around a villain and all the satellite characters that interact with him. Void builds the android company Void Inc., which starts other types of research. (The pinnacle of this research involves splitting human souls.)

So, I'm on this sci-fi bent for the moment. Different from my usual romance, fantasy, comedy, etc. Androids feature prominently in Void Inc.

Most of the short stories in the series are posted on Figment, and people seem to be enjoying them, which is always a plus. Writing science fiction always freaks me out because I don't read science fiction. Dirty secret.

As always, I've been finding lots of cool visual inspiration for Void Inc.

It's always cool when you find people who kind of fit what's in your head.  Blonde Jennifer Lawrence is a lovely fit for Nadia's reincarnation, Constance. 

A friend posted these creepy pictures to Facebook, but when I saw them I was so excited. Buddhism and androids! What are the chances? Wang Zi Won creates robot-like sculptures of buddhas and bohisattavas to explore enlightenment and human immortality.  Creepy, but perfect for Void Inc.  

A beautiful Tibetan mandala on fabric. Sotheby's auction house recently held a sale for Southeast Asian art. I've downloaded their app and have been stalking all the sales. Not that I have the money to buy any of this stuff, but I can dream, right? 
One of the cool things about Void Inc is that the stories can theoretically be read in any order, BUT we've agreed that ideally "Void Inc." would be read first, then followed by the scandalous "Void Dreams."

I promise I'll get back to editing soon...