Christmas and Beyond

Well, the year is coming to an end. It's raining and pouring sleet outside. A fire is crackling in the stove, and the house smells faintly of smoke. The firewood was wet, so it took a while to catch. The birds have been clustering on the windowsill to escape the freezing rain. I can't blame them--I haven't gone outside once.

I am now the owner of an iPad, so I'm testing it out. It really is quite beautiful, all white and glass and curved edges. I would never buy one for myself, but I suppose that's what makes it a good gift. I'm already running Pages, so I can write on it if I want to. Blogger has an app, which I've just downloaded and am giving a shot here. It appears to work. Which is good. No music on the iPad yet, but I suppose I'll get there during the rest of the week.

I wrote a quick Diem scene yesterday, just getting used to this keyboard. And it goes in the last chapter, so I can say I'm being productive!

I am going to finish Mabel by the end of the year even if it means I have to sketch it...

Once I finish this chapter, I'm going to take a week and start taking notes and fleshing out my world. I've spent a lot of time on my characters during this book, but because Mabel has mostly been a stealth protagonist who avoids the magic establishment, we haven't spent much time exploring the clubs, the cults, and secret societies that make up, say, Montiere and Kulkarni's world. That's kind if exciting.

Enjoy the rest of 2012.