American Buffalo

Somewhere in the middle of Mabel's City, I decided that the Charms would be North American creatures. This hasn't resulted in big changes, but there were a few animals that got swapped at the end of the book.

During early drafting, the Metal Charm was actually going to be a jaguar. When I look over my notes from a few months ago, Mabel is confident enough to summon it in her battle with Diem, implying she that she practiced with it. Oh, how things change. Poor Mabel.

The jaguar was switched to an eagle because I thought it would be more striking "visually," and it would give Montiere an excuse to launch into the air. I also have an attachment to the birds; many live in the swamps of a creek near my childhood home.

Another Charm animal change that happened when pen was put to paper was the Earth Charm. Originally an elephant, the Earth Charm made its first appearance in a book two scene where Mabel summons it to hold up a cave in. Now the Earth Charm is an American buffalo, or bison, which is a little more interesting to describe anyway...

Shaggy and oddly proportioned, but a hard worker.