Life in the Fast Lane

I've been writing buckets since I last logged in here. Chapter Fifteen is almost done—I'm in the middle of working on the transition between a Mabel/Salieri meeting and a school day. Mabel is meeting a rockstar, and Los Angeles is about to be set on fire.

Good times.

In other news, I completed a short story for the anthology Defy the Dark. The word limit was 4000, and my "perfect" version clocked in at 4700. My stripped version was 4000, but it's not nearly as strong. I don't know if it'll win the contest.

In an ideal universe, I'll win and get to make a contact at Harper Teen, pitch Mabel, and at least get my foot in the door. In a real universe I'll not even make the final cut. My story revolves around three teenager magicians who are auditioning for a dueling orchestra, where musicians use instruments to create illusions. One boy has spent his entire life in a locked room preparing for the moment—he falls in love within minutes—and his rebel brother shows up to spite his father and ruin his younger brother's chances. And then there's the flautist trying to crawl out of her legendary father's shadow. You can read the story on Figment at the moment. If I lose, I'll edit and expand it a little. It might make a decent novella.

I wrote the majority of the story over 36 hours, sitting in the kitchen madly banging on my laptop. Just as a bit of advice: don't wait till the last minute to submit for a writing contest. You find yourself doing stupid things.

Like misspelling cigarette buts. ; )