Dry Sundays

Have written a little of Chapter Sixteen, mostly the beginning and pieces, clips of dialogue. Mabel's City has a difficult ending to write, a hard endgame. I have to wrap up Lawrence's adventure—and explain it—and nod at Iji's, but not explain it. Then I have to wrap my climax prep.

Because that's what endgame is: climax prep. A steady build. A promise to the reader that the world is going to explode at the end of a book.

I'm shrugging as I write this. You'll get what I mean when you do it yourself.

At this point, Mabel has two Charms to catch. Lawrence. Those are my main goals for the chapter on top of Memory. Or something.

I'll probably spend my day brainstorming in the coffee shop downstairs. Writing after finishing a roller coaster ride like Chapter Fifteen is hard. My imagination shut off for no good reason, and I've got to kick it a few times to get it running again.

Kick. Kick.