"This reminded me of Salieri."

It's so important to have good and thoughtful readers when you're working your way through a book. They send you random emails with striking images and things about your own characters that you could feel, but never articulate.

"He strikes me as the guy who's always wanting something.  One of those driven guys who people tend to be in awe of--"How can he work like that all the time?"--but he'll never be satisfied.

If I had to draw up his mind palace--it would be a large sprawling palace in someplace perpetually wintery.  In every room, there's something missing.  In the grand entrance, the last 10 stairs of either staircase are missing.  In the parlor, there's no fireplace.  In the library, there are no chairs.  Maybe there's no books.  

But it's the kind of place he'll always be running around, looking for things to fill it up and make it grand until the day he realizes he has everything in his bedroom but a bed."